Our Program

Our Excellent Cities program

In our Excellent Cities program we work together with universities, local consultants and governments in sustainable relationship: our partners. Together we offer urban mobility-policy for excellent cities. In an excellent city there is a coherent interaction between land use and mobility. Its urban transport policies are targeted towards a balance between car, public transport, walking and cycling modes, thus promoting a sustainable transport system, economical vitality, social equity and spatial quality.

Strategic networkdevelopment

  • Urban mobility diagnosis
  • Integrated urban development
  • Multimodal networkstrategies
  • Stakeholder involvement, governance and finance

Sustainable Urban Mobilityplans

  • Bikefriendly planning (Think Bike)
  • Effective Public transportplans 
  • Save and Sound: improving traffic safety
  • Better performing networks (reducing congestion by ‘Beter Benutten’)  
  • Smart Parking

Urban projects and tooling

  • Design of boulevards, crossings, places
  • iInfrastructural elements (cycling highways,
  • Data-management and traffic modelling (dashboard).

Knowledge transfer

  • Master classes/ colleges
  • Excursions
  • Workshops