Excellent Cities during COVID-19

18 May 2020

Excellent CitiesĀ  is doing its utmost to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. After all, health has the highest priority.

Even in these uncertain times, you can continue to contact us. We make every effort to continue our services as smoothly as possible. We do this as much as possible from home. And if we have appointments, we strongly prefer to maintain online in contact with our clients.

An appointment at one of our locations remains possible as long as we respect the guidelines of the Dutch government. We recommend you to keep an appropriate distance at all times (the recommendation is at least one and a half meters). Meetings involving more than two people are only possible at our locations in spacious meeting rooms.

We have asked our consultants to use the following guideline to minimize the risk of dispersion: if a physical consultation takes place, this will be done up to a maximum number of 5 participants. Where possible, they will also prefer to stay in contact with you online in the first instance.

These measures will in any case be in force for the next three weeks.

You can continue to count on us. If you have any questions, please contact your consultant.