Excellent Cities hosts People for Bikes workshop

13 June 2018

On Thursday June 14th, Excellent Cities hosted a workshop for People for Bikes. Peter Koonce (Portland State University) was the leader of this delegation of 20 professionals from the US. They visited Amsterdam to discuss the topic biking and safety. The visitors, from (amongst others) Denver, Portland, Memphis, Providence and Austin, were accompanied by our consultants Lucas van der Linde, Bas Govers, Ilse Galama, Rico Andriesse and Derek Taylor. In the morning several presentations were given regarding biking and safety, while in the afternoon the group could see what the day-to-day practice is in Holland during a bike tour. 

Peter Koonce: ‘Utrecht makes it basically impossible to cross the centre by car, and therefore uses the same principle as Houten, the bicycle-oriented new town in the Netherlands. If you compare this to the United States, where cars easily can go through downtowns. We have to change that’.