Göteborg: from car oriented towards new balance

30 January 2020

Sweden and the Netherlands belong to the top 10 of happy countries worldwide. We have a lot in common: we all share a strong focus on establishing quality of life in general. In Göteborg (second city of Sweden) we gave a lecture on mobility hubs together with our Swedish partner Urbanista STAD. There were 50 professionals on urban and mobility planning. Says mobility expert Christiaan Kwantes (Goudappel Coffeng/Excellent Cities): “It’s good to learn from each other, and find similarities in our challenges. Göteborg for example is changing from a car oriented industrial city (Volvo-city!) towards a new balance between cars, bicycles, public transport and walking.”

After the lecture Urbanista Stad and Goudappel Coffeng worked together in pressure-cooker-style on a new neighbourhood development in Kungsbacka, south of Göteborg. Christiaan Kwantes: “In this workshop we explored different development scenarios, from a more traditional approach with mainly traditional car use to a maximum ambition approach (with mobility hubs for parking, a mobility as a service product and extra public space for walking, for example to the train stop).”