Planning & Designing for Active Transportation: A Dutch-Canadian Webinar

21 July 2021

Dutch cities are famous for their high quality of life with smart mobility systems. Together with the Dutch Cycling Embassy and the City of Waterloo in Canada, Goudappel participated in an interactive and hands-on design workshop for over 70 planners and designers in Canada. Goudappel introduced participants to the Dutch approach to bike-inclusive planning and integrated network design in order to create attractive cities to make better use of valuable space. Goudappel's Thomas Straatemeier presented on the topic of "masterplanning for the bicycle" where he discussed key strategies for integrating cycling and land-use as well as building and investing in a robust cycle culture. Goudappel's Richer ter Avest presented on the transition from the planning stage to the design stage for the bicycle. Lastly, Goudappel introduced an online tool, the Move Meter, that is used for analyzing, planning and scenario-building in urban planning. 

To access the plenary session and three breakout sessions, please use the links below. 

Plenary Session

Guelph Breakout Room

Hamilton Breakout Room 

Kitchener Breakout Room