Routeplan 2030 for the Antwerp region

10 January 2018

A Dutch-Belgian consortium with Goudappel Coffeng, The New Drive, APPM, Sweco Belgium and Rebel Belgium are selected to make the new regional Mobility-plan for the region of Antwerp, route 2030. A multidisciplinary approach is offered to create a shift in modal choice towards 50% Public Transport and bicycle use in 2030. An extended process with all actors is a crucial part of the offer. In our process we will use proven methods from Rotterdam The Hague Mobility Plan and the restructuration gouvernance in public transport in other Flemish regions around Aalst en Mechelen. In these methods the definition of spatial-economic magnets and the use of the Move meter are crucial. The Routeplan 2030 is foreseen to be available before summer 2019.