Sharing bike experiences in Finland

16 October 2017

Rico Andriesse was one of the international speakers on the third Finnish Cycling Congress VeloFinland in Tampere during this weekend. Other speakers were among others Andreas Rohl of Gehl Architects and Nadja Zherebina of Let’s Bike Moskou.

Rico shared his experiences form five Think Bike Workshops in Finnish cities the previous years. 'The concept of road diet and the notion that Finland is already a rather advanced cycling country got a warm welcome.' After the presentation Rico organized a mini Think Bike workshop together with the city of Tampere and the local Cyclist’s union. Routechoice and design of a possible new cycle highway to Hervanta was discussed. One of the results was an original idea for a hanging bridge under the new tramwaybridge by Mikael Sorri.

A mini Thinkbike Workshop was organised. Rico Andriesse (second from right)

Nadja Zherebina of Let’s Bike Moskou.

An original idea presented by Mikael Sorri.