Succesful introduction to Dutch mobility: 'a utopian society'

5 February 2019

In the SPUR Urban Center in San Francisco, Bas Govers and Lucas van der Linde (Excellent Cities) both presented their views on Dutch mobility.

The Randstad, a region comprised of the four largest cities in the Netherlands, is similar to the Bay Area in terms of its size, population and commuter activity. However, while our region struggles to keep its aging transportation system in motion, the Randstad delivers a world-renowned integrated mobility network. The almost 50 attendees could discover how the regions compare and what lessons the Bay Area can learn from the Dutch approach to sustainable regional transportation. "This was a highly successful event for us," stated Lucas van der Linde after the presentation. "People are very interested in our Dutch approach and are very eager to learn from us. They consider the Dutch approach as a contribution to a utopian society. We received a lot of positive feedback and we are convinced that we can contribute to the solutions San Francisco is asking for." 

Apart from Bas Govers and Lucas van der Linde, the attendees could also listen to the presentations of Nicole Soultanov (SPUR) and Sarah Jones (an Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency).