Succesful Summit for Excellent Cities

17 September 2018

Last week CEO Jos van Kleef and program director Bas Govers attended the Climate Change Action Summit in San Francisco.  Governor Jerry Brown of California hosted this summit. The Dutch consulate organized affiliate events during this three day summit where Dutch companies took the opportunity to present their ideas on climate change, as being participating member of the Coast-to-Coast program which is led by program director Peter van Deventer.

Says Jos van Kleef: “There was a huge amount of interest in our knowledge and mobility approach in this area. We showed our software online MOVE Meter-model for the Bay Area in which the effect of changing short distance trips from car to public transport and/or bicycle was shown. Thanks to our graduate from Berkeley, Derek Taylor. Our audience was impressed by this presentation. The Metropolitan Transit Committee was among others, very interested in our knowledge on mobility issues."

Secretary of State Stientje van Veldhoven (in orange...) presents the book to Senator Scott Wiener (second from left).

Goudappel Coffeng is one of the participants in Resilient by Design, an international design competition to improve climate adaptation in coastal regions. Our Secretary of State, Mrs. Stientje van Veldhoven, presented a proposition by the Dutch Resilience Collective (MVDRV, One Architecture, Deltares and Goudappel Coffeng) to California senator Scott Wiener. In this vision we share our vision for a resilient Bay Area and the way Dutch tools for water management, sustainable transportation, area development and inclusive design can help to achieve this vision. Thomas Straatemeier and Ilse Galama from Goudappel Coffeng contributed to this vision.

Bas Govers (second from left) also participated in a panel discussion about urban planning

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