Bas Govers

Bas Govers (Msc) is a leading senior traffic engineer in our firm. He has over 20 years’ experience in urban development, network planning and traffic engineering. He has led key transport planning and urban development projects in and around the cities of Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam. He was a leading transport engineer in nearly all major suburban housing projects in the Netherlands (VINEX).

He made different masterplans for station areas in different cities as Tilburg, Maastricht, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague. Often these plans were part of a larger innercity revival plan where the urban quality was leading and the art of the traffic design was not only to be functional, but also to create optimal conditions for spatial quality in the city centre. This is a core competence of Bas Govers: traffic engineering to make more attractive, more vital and healthier cities. His approach to traffic systems is to combine cost effectiveness, spatial quality, and functional excellence.

On a regular basis he gives lectures on these subjects in the universities of Delft, Amsterdam and Twente. He is much asked for his integral way of thinking, his creativity and technical knowledge. He has written a large number of articles about public transport and about the relationship between urban development and traffic engineering.