Derek Taylor

Derek Taylor is a California native with extensive academic and professional experience in both US and international cities. He studied City & Regional Planning and GIS at the University of California, Berkeley where he primarily focused on land-use and transportation policy in the Bay Area. In addition to his locally focused education, Derek spent a semester at the University of Copenhagen to study Urban Design. He has spent the final years of his studies as well as his first years of his career researching and applying proven international transportation strategies to the US context.

In the summer of 2018, Derek joined Goudappel Coffeng as a consultant. Derek spent the first half-year with Goudappel leading an extensive research project on the fundamentals on the Dutch transportation system in which he and his team developed a GIS-based framework for Dutch strategies to be applied internationally. For his work, Derek adapted Goudappel’s modeling tool, the MOVE Meter, to be used in US context and further inform his research.

After completing this work, Derek returned to the Bay Area and worked alongside the Dutch Consulate to organize regional transportation conferences where he presented his work. Since then, he has presented on the Dutch approach to many different groups of US planners including events at: San Jose SPUR, Seattle Department of Transportation, Washington State Department of Transportation, City of Bellevue, Pierce County Metro, Puget Sound Regional Council, and Dutch Resiliency Week: Los Angeles.