Richard ter Avest

Richard ter Avest (Msc) graduated from Traffic Academy Tilburg (Urban Planning) and is visiting cycling expert (and host for visitors from abroad), for the Dutch Cycling Embassy since 2010. Amongst others, he is teacher and author for CROW – the National Dutch central office for knowledge about traffic planning and designing infrastructure. Richard works for Goudappel Coffeng since 1992.

He has been the leading Dutch expert in Thinkbike Workshops in Austin, Texas. First he organized an excursion for City managers, politicians and urban planners in some cities in the Netherlands. Second step was a Thinkbike Workshop in Austin, Texas were local planners, authorities and cycling promotors work on the question how to improve the Downtown of Austin for cycling, walking and the connection with Transit. Richard inspires, coaches the process and is providing Dutch Best Practices. Two years later he was part of a consortium that has the job to make and (re)design for a Complete Boulevard on a former Texan highway into the city.

In the Netherlands, Richard has led the master planning for 15 new main routes for cycling, connecting the city centre and business regions with residential areas and hubs for public transport (both within city limits as in the region). The design included the characteristics for the infrastructure (road profiles, crossings) and the cycling improving facilities (like parking and showers at main PT-stops). The Masterplan is part of the Comprehensive Hague Mobility Plan. In the period 2010-2020 at least 10 high priorized cycle routes will be realized.