Tonny Bosch

‘Creating better cities’ - that’s what motivates me. I was inspired by the ideas of Henk Goudappel, who I met during my studies at the Traffic Academy (1975-1979) and my first period (1979-1980) working at Goudappel Coffeng, a Dutch consultancy in Traffic & Transportation. 

In my work as a director at Goudappel Coffeng (1991-2011), it became clear to me that the best way forward is to start off with a vision and an idea, followed by defining and making steps towards achieving that vision. Confronting decision-makers with the question ‘What kind of city do you want?’ was and is often the start of interesting and ambitious projects. Mobility is still a major issue for me, and the link with other policy fields that shape cities – such as economics, the environment and quality of public space – makes the challenge even more exciting.

As CEO of MOVE Mobility I mainly work abroad doing the Strategic Networking phase for cities all over the world: Tbilisi, London, Cuernavaca, Kampala, Lagos, Houston, Memphis, Austin. Strategic Networking not only in talks and sketches, but also supported by the MOVE Meter. This is a web based tool for technical output and for the communication, an interactive plan process with stakeholders.

We organize knowledge transfer trips ‘Smart Moving Cities’. Under guidance of MOVE Mobility the participants attend a program that shows them in practice and in discussions with designers, engineers and stakeholders how to create a better city to live in. 

Participants acquire knowledge about road design, bike friendly cities, planning processes, traffic management, etc. They visit several cities in the Netherlands to see these elements in practice.