Better Performing Networks

We can get more out of the existing infrastructure if we apply smart technology and influence people’s behaviour. “Better Performing Networks” is therefore very suitable as an “Excellent Cities” theme, with in-depth traffic analyses being linked to people’s behaviour, smart mobility, and stakeholder management. We can ensure that there is a demonstrable “Better Usage” effect.

Our services portfolio focusses on ensuring that innovative concepts become a reality and functional. That certainly applies to a broad theme such as Better Performing Networks. With our mobility services such as “Spitsscoren” and “Spitsvrij”, we have shown clearly that we can get drivers to make different choices and stick to them: making regions accessible and liveable by staying out of the rush hour and out of their car. That know-how is available to you as the client so you can get your “Better Performing Networks” idea up and running or can come up with an effective package of measures. There’s good reason why we were in at the start with the tools used in the ‘Beter Benutten’ (Better performing networks) programme in the Netherlands, for example the CROW Mobility Scan (with the Utilisation Meter and the Accessibility Indicator). The Dutch National Expert Team includes no fewer than three of our own experts.







(Header Photography: Mark Fischer)