Bicycle Inclusive planning

29 April 2020

Bicycle-inclusive planning

Cycling makes cities liveable and accessible. And it’s good for you – not just for you the cyclist but for other people too. If you cycle instead of driving, you greatly reduce your impact on the air and climate. The reliability of travel increases too. You also contribute to the quality of life and road safety in the inner city. And you stay active and healthy. Traffic flow on main roads also improves if more commuters cycle to work or to public transport nodes. Inspiring aims, plans that work, facilities that fit – Goudappel makes cycling easier for your region, for your location, and for your target group.

And cycling makes mobility more sustainable. Cleverly selected high speed routes also save time, especially on an e-bike. They lower the threshold and increase the potential number of “people at cycling distance”. Make them “bike-friendly”. We can help you plan and design such cycle highways. Interventions to change people’s behaviour complement this infrastructure policy, with a specific focus on your target group. You can go further by bike – with our help!


Transportation Mobility Principles