Effective Public Transport

Public transport helps to make towns and cities more attractive. It does so by strengthening the links to other kinds of mobility, between policy, implementation and monitoring, between practice and science, and between process and content. Starting from “Excellent Cities”, we can create those links, because accessibility, quality of life, and economic vitality are impossible without factoring in public transport. But it needs to be a link in the overall playing field of mobility and space. Our strength is in our knowledge of public transport and also its context.

Content, knowledge, and process skills are the foundations of the services that we provide. We value that profile greatly because it does justice to your public transport issues. Public transport is never the solution beforehand, but in many situations neither is a spatial initiative that ignores public transport aspects. Our aim is to make your public transport system better and more efficient, as an indispensable link in your entire spatial and mobility context. That’s why we work for public authorities and transport companies: from drawing up an overall strategy to procurement and concession management, from transport valuation studies to customer satisfaction surveys, from problem diagnosis to design, from traffic forecasts to pedestrian flows in and around stations.