MOVE Meter

16 March 2017

The MOVE Meter is an online tool for analyzing, planning and scenario-building in urban development. It gives online insight in the effects of policy in mobility, traffic and environmental planning.


The MOVE Meter is making use of the enormous potential of existing data and ‘big data’ sources (e.g. GPS, GSM, HERE data, traffic information). There are many advantages:

  • a more accurate and visual insight
  • it saves time & costs, less than 10 minutes per scenario
  • it is easy to use, also for non-traffic experts

With this internet tool, you can build scenarios in which you can independently vary locations, programs (size) and networks. The MOVE Meter provides spatial, mobility and environmental indicators in order to monitor, evaluate, score and judge scenarios. The tool provides sufficient information to underpin choices on a structural level. The MOVE Meter uses Big Data for monitoring and understanding, as well as data that is generally available in a transportation model for scenario building. Due to its GIS/internet applicability, the MOVE Meter is, more than classic models, capable of assessing and evaluating scenarios swiftly and easily without detailed knowledge of transport modelling software or other mobility data-handling tools. The main advantage of this tool is that its results are instantly available, which makes it a technical as well as a communication tool. All the actors involved in the decision making process, have access to input and output of scenarios and can easily analyse and view the results themselves or with their team.


The MOVE Meter is useful for a wide range of experts and professionals:

  • for consultants, (civil) experts and decision makers in mobility, traffic and urban planning
  • for local, regional and national governments
  • for professionals and experts in related fields e.g. safety services, police, city marketing, event planners, outdoor advertising, etc.


The MOVE Meter is designed for use in urban areas. The MOVE Meter is developed and widely used in the Netherlands, one of the world’s most densely populated countries in the world, with heavy use of the road and public transport network. Given the overall general nature of mobility and urban planning, the tool has been used to support decision making processes in the field of transport and transportation in countries outside the Netherlands such as Denmark, South Africa, Germany and the USA. Once local data are added to the MOVE Meter database, the user can explore scenarios and make impact assessments.





Header Photography: Ludovic Lubeigt

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