Multi Modal Transport

Bike-inclusive planning and integrated network design create attractive and vibrant cities, making better use of scarce space. Dutch cities are famous for their high quality of life and smart mobility systems. “Excellent Cities” is built upon the following main idea: strategies for urban mobility all over the globe. We align city goals and mobility plans for tomorrow and for the long term. Hiring us means adding a proven catalyst for improving urban performance.

For 50 years now, Goudappel Coffeng as a partner of Excellent Cities, has been the leading mobility engineering firm in the Netherlands. Just as examples: we designed Almere and Houten, two Dutch “new towns” famous for their advanced mobility concept. But in most cases we redesigned the mobility architecture of existing cities to meet changing demands within existing space. So we know how to deal with growth in cars and people, with all kind of solutions for network management, with public transport, parking, pedestrians, and cycling.

Our role in a project to improve urban performance is twofold. First we inspire and streamline interventions with strategic workshops, concept studies, or second opinions. Our MoveMeter is a powerful tool. During elaboration of the plan we typically act as the “back office” for local partners for quality assurance and transfer of Dutch know how (for example road profiles). This way of working, with Excellent Cities partners, Goudappel Coffeng, Dat Mobility and Move Mobility, have proved to be effective modes of operation.