Smart Data Handling

Don't just guess – know! Knowing how people move, when, where and why is vital for strategic planning, urban design, and traffic management. We have the monitoring tools and a vast knowledge base regarding mobility behaviour and best practices. And we can share it with you.

With our highly regarded research unit, we are involved in many in-depth studies of all aspects of mobility, such as travel behaviour, attitudes, economic aspects, environmental impact, and best practices. We are experts in research techniques – “before and after the fact” – and we deal with all the various modes: motorised, non-motorised, public transport, freight, etc. We combine insights from many projects – and as market leader we see a lot! – and know how to quantify. Please contact us if you have a question about reference data or methodology.

We provide tools to monitor, analyse and visualise mobility-related behaviour, for example View.DAT. These tools are based on our pioneering role in data-driven research, using floating car, mobile phones, traffic lights logging, GPS, and public transport logging.




Photography: Tom Heath