City of Düsseldorf – Active Mobility for the Mobilitätsplan 2030

15 June 2020

Thanks to its central location, City of Düsseldorf (Germany), the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, is well connected by train and plane to (inter)regional and international traffic. Düsseldorf has a beautiful old town and is situated on both sides of the Rhine. The state capital has already achieved a great deal in terms of road space as well as bicycle and foot traffic. However, the infrastructure needs to be further developed in order to cope with the increasing commuter flows into the city with sustainable mobility. The city now wants to draw on international expertise to achieve ambitious goals in terms of growth, quality of life and accessibility and has invited Goudappel, along with other international companies, to make a bid.

Goudappel, together with its partner company MoveMobility, in a cooperation with the German TRC company, is working on a bid that contributes to the Mobilitätsplan D of the City of Düsseldorf.  The assignment includes planning for cycling, walking, traffic safety and street design. Over the past 50 years, Goudappel has developed an integral approach to plan for mobility. There has been an increased urgency for multimodality which will be applied in this assignment. The inherent connection between traffic safety, good cycling and walking infrastructure, and integrated street design will be the basis to work out a plan for Active Mobility that makes the City more liveable, accessible and safe for all its citizens and visitors alike.  

Client: City of Düsseldorf
Year: 2020