Traffic & Transportation Plan for Darbandikhan

The Municipality of Darbandikhan in the Kurdistan Region wishes to create a more sustainable mobility system in the city. Therefore it needs a coherent and well planned traffic and transportation plan. Together with View Pioneer Company MOVE Mobility supports the municipality of Darbandikhan with the process of integrated planning (strategic networking). This is essential for the future of cities that want to shift their mobility system from  car use to multimodality with consistent networks for Walking, Cycling, Public Transport and Car.

In this process we involve stakeholders. The use of the MOVE Meter and adequate data collection is crucial.
The final product is a complete analysis of the current network and traffic situation with projects for the future that will make Darbandikhan a ‘Smart Moving Darbandikhan’.
The process for this Mobility Plan started two years ago with Knowledge Transfer groups from Darbandikhan to the Netherlands and with an introduction to the Mayor.


Client: Municipality of Darbandikhan
Year: 2016 and ongoing